Your hosts:
Ellen and Menno Schmidt
Le Bourg, 71540 Lucenay l'Evêque
France (Bourgogne)
tel: (+33) 03-85826895

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Lucenay l'Evèque is a real Morvan village with a village square where the church, the town hall and some shops are located. The river Ternin flows behind the village and is directly behind our house. The village is part of the Morvan, an impressive and ever changing landscape of mountains and hills with heights up to 902 meters. Since 1970 it has the formal status of "Parc Naturel Régional'.

The Morvan exists of woods, hills and high mountaintops of granite, wild rivers, beautiful lakes and an array of wild animals. Here the river Yonne finds its source and also smaller rivers are sourced here. From the viewpoint 'Panorama du Calvaire', close to Château Chinon (600 meters altitude) you can have a beautiful view over the Morvan.

The Morvan is very suited for lovers of 'doing' holidays, but because of it being central in Burgundy its easy to do day trips to the wine fields of the champagne or the "Côte Chalonais, to the river Loire or to the old towns of Beaune, Autun, Dijon and Avallon. Almost every weekend there are small (flea)markets where you can find all sorts of bric a brac and local produce.

Burgundy: wealth...
Historical, cultural, gastronomic and economically it is the wealthiest province of France. Already in the middle ages the cows, wine and forestry etc. added much wealth and power to the grand dukes of Burgundy. A dutch couple based in Mercurey have their own vineyard and have some good quality wines which you'll find on our "carte des vins".

Domaine de la Monette

Chalon sur Saône and Dijon
Visit Palais des Ducs in Dijon or Hôtel-Dieu in Beaune. Also the church shared in its wealth and built abbeys and pilgrim churches with beauties in Cluny, Vézelay, Fontenay and Chalon sur Saône. There are some lovely terraces in Chalon sur Saône, see the photo!
Your holidays in the Burgundy are cultural but also very green.

In our library you will find more information about fun trips and about these beautiful little villages in our neighborhood like Semur, Mombard, Glux en Glenne, Saulieu, Lormes. Le Petit Verriere, Sommant and so on.

The city Autun lies against wooded hills and has a view over the valley of the river Arroux. We'll explain to you where you can find the most beautiful lookout.

The cathedral, the museum collections and the remains of the old Roman time tell of an impressive past of this town. Thanks to the forests around this town, like the Forêt des Battées and beechforest Forêt de Planoise, Autun is known for its furniture industry. The famous Tolix chairs also come from here. It's only 14 kilometer away from Lucenay. There is also a nice lake and

Beaune is in the heart of the Burgundy vineyards. It´s not only a well known city of wines but also well known for its arts. Hotel-Dieu, the museums, Église Notre-Dame,  the beautiful wine cellars, gardens and the old mansions with their typical roofs within the town walls, make Beaune one of the most beautiful places in Burgundy. 

Abbaye de Fontenay, the oldest and still existing abbey in France.
Alise Ste. Reine (or Alesia), where Caesar in 52 BC won the battle of the Gallion leader Vercingetorix.
Vezelay, The Basilique Ste. Madeleine.

Lac de Pannecière is a beautiful long-stretched reservoir lake which was emptied in 2011 for renovation and inspection of the dam. This opened up the scenery and uncovered the rivers and old trees that have been under water. A spectacular view. Since 2013 the lake has been filled again.

Other interesting lakes are Lac des Settons, Lac Saint Agnan

winter 2011/2012
View on Lucenay L'Evêque
Le Ternin
Preparation of the Vineyards in Mercurey
Chalon sur Saône
Autun Theatre
emptied reservoir lake
Lake Pannecière, emptied in 2011/2012
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